Unique Cafes in Seoul

by admin

Seoul’s café culture is rapidly growing, offering a wide range of quirky and specialty coffee shops. From fantasy-themed cafes to specialty coffee spots, Seoul has something to satisfy every whimsical desire. Here are a few unique cafes to check out:


Café Imi

Bingsu, Korea’s version of flavored shaved ice, is a must-try in Seoul. Café Imi offers a deliciously creamy orange bingsu topped with fluffy cream. The tanginess from the mandarin-infused ice perfectly complements the cream. Don’t miss out on trying bingsu when you’re in Seoul.

Stylenanda Pink Pool Café

If you’re a Barbie fan, this all-pink café is a dream come true. Located on the top floor of a hotel-themed shopping boutique, this café features a terrace designed to resemble a hotel pool. The menu is just as girly as the interior, offering candyfloss coffee and pastel pink ice cream.

Café Bora

Hidden away in a tiny back alley in the historic Bukchon district, Café Bora is a dessert bar specializing in purple sweet potato treats. The desserts have a beautiful lilac hue and a sweet, earthy taste thanks to the purple sweet potato. Don’t miss this hidden gem.


Felt is a stripped-back café that focuses on serving excellent coffee. Known for their rich and strong espresso, their flat white is also highly recommended. The minimalistic café perfectly complements the hipster vibe.

Tarr Tarr

Tarr Tarr offers a variety of exciting flavors of baked tarts. With a glass counter filled with rainbow-colored tarts and pretty fruit toppings, it’s a popular spot for Instagram-worthy treats.


Luft is a trendy café frequented by fashionable Koreans. The all-white interior is adorned with tropical plants, turquoise paper cups, and Hawaiian roasted coffee beans, giving it a touch of Hawaiian charm.

The Pancake Epidemic

If you’re craving old-fashioned pancakes, The Pancake Epidemic has got you covered. They offer a variety of flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t miss their classic stack with lemon meringue cream and maple syrup.

Coffee Place

Coffee Place is the perfect place to relax after visiting the palaces. With its floor-to-ceiling windows and red brick façade, it offers a light-filled space to reflect on the beauty of the palaces and gardens while enjoying a revitalizing cup of coffee.

Ikovox Coffee

Ikovox Coffee is an elegantly decorated café with a royal-blue and brass theme. They roast their own beans, providing locals with superior-quality coffee.


Underyard is the go-to café for those craving Western brunch classics like smashed avocado and shakshuka. Their coffee pairs perfectly with their spicy shakshuka.