Prettiest Speciality Coffee Shops in Melbourne

by admin

Melbourne is known for its coffee culture, and finding good coffee is never a challenge in this city. However, finding pretty cafes can be tricky. Most speciality coffee shops in Melbourne tend to be dark and dimly lit. But there is a new wave of beautifully designed and light-filled cafes emerging, proving that white can also mean superior coffee. Here are some of the most beautiful cafes in Melbourne:


Vacation Coffee, Melbourne

Vacation is a stylish cafe that pays homage to the 80s with its pastel-pink and royal-blue features. Enjoy a carefully crafted coffee in this sunlit space, and don’t forget to look out for the cute pineapple print inside the coffee cup.

Terror Twilight

Terror Twilight, Melbourne

Terror Twilight offers retro vibes with its vinyls and old-world photos on display. The pastel-pink coffee machine is the first thing that catches your attention, and it serves excellent espresso shots made with Wide Open Road beans.

Turning Point

Turning Point, Melbourne

Turning Point is a charming and plant-filled cafe located near Rippon Lea train station. The large glass windows bring in plenty of light, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Founded by the Undercover Roasters team, this cafe offers superb coffee and delicious food.


ACOFFEE, Melbourne

Acoffee is a minimalist white coffee shop that focuses on roasting and brewing superior coffee. The spacious and light-filled space features an island espresso bench and a communal concrete table.


Burnside, Melbourne

Burnside is a cafe located in the cafe-dense Smith Street. It serves Seven Seeds coffee and has a minimalist interior that is often crowded with locals and coffee enthusiasts looking for a quick caffeine fix.

Market Lane Coffee

Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne

Market Lane Coffee was originally located opposite the Victoria Market and has since expanded to various locations across the city. They are known for their cute coffee cups and their dedication to making excellent coffee for the city.

Lights in the Attic

Lights in the Attic, Melbourne

Lights in the Attic features a soft color palette of blush pinks, polished concrete, and soft lighting. The coffee is strong and delicious, perfectly complementing the gentle ambiance of the cafe.

Lune Croissanterie

Lune Croissanterie, Melbourne

If you’re looking for coffee and something sweet, Lune Croissanterie is the place to go. They are famous for their delicious croissants, and the industrial-style space creates a unique and enjoyable atmosphere.

Industry Beans

Industry Beans, Melbourne

Industry Beans takes coffee seriously and offers a wide range of coffee options for coffee enthusiasts. From Costa Rican pour-overs to Kenyan aeropress, there is something for everyone at this cafe.

Collective Espresso

Collective Espresso, Melbourne

Collective Espresso is a favorite among locals and coffee snobs. The cafe is known for its Instagrammable tiled floor and flawless coffee, attracting visitors from all over.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground, Melbourne

Higher Ground is known for its striking cafe interior. The stainless steel coffee bar is where they roast and craft excellent coffee. It’s the perfect pitstop before starting a road trip.

Fourth Chapter

Fourth Chapter, Melbourne

Fourth Chapter offers fine coffee and a delicious menu. The cafe is known for serving the best avocado with almond pesto and golden saganaki.


Moby, Melbourne

Moby is one of the best-designed cafes in Melbourne. Its dusty-pink walls and deep teal tiles create a polished and relaxed space. Enjoy your coffee in the outdoor seating area.

May Day

May Day, Melbourne

May Day favors local beans from Axil Coffee Roasters and offers a variety of coffee options. The cafe is filled with natural light on sunny days, making it a great place to enjoy your coffee.