Unpredictable Weather in Amalfi

by admin

We were excited to visit Amalfi, but little did we know that a storm was looming on the horizon. As our trip approached, the weather forecast became increasingly bleak, casting doubt on our plans for outdoor dinners, coastal walks, and boat trips. Perhaps naively, I remained hopeful, thinking that positive thinking could ward off the storm. Unfortunately, no amount of optimism could prevent its arrival.

When we arrived, the weather was picture-perfect, allowing us to savor a sunny terrace lunch and soak up the sunset before it disappeared. But that night, the storm unleashed its power with heavy rain, causing significant disruptions to our itinerary. The ferries to Capri were suspended due to rough seas, leaving us stranded on the mainland. Fortunately, our hotel arranged for us to stay at their sister property in Naples. Armed with an umbrella, we ventured out in the rain, seeking solace in pizza (which, I must admit, was incredible).

The storm persisted throughout the rest of our trip, but it brought with it some dramatic skies and breathtaking rainbows. It served as a reminder that life often throws unexpected challenges our way, especially when we least expect them. Travel teaches us the valuable lesson that things don’t always go according to plan, no matter how meticulously we prepare. There are numerous factors beyond our control, and the weather is a prime example. However, it’s important to remember that even in the midst of rain, a rainbow is never far behind.

If you’re fortunate enough to have better weather than we did, I highly recommend indulging in an al fresco lunch with stunning views at Maestro restaurant, sipping cocktails at the elegant Il San Pietro terrace bar, enjoying a traditional Italian dinner at Baccofurore’s sunny terrace, exploring the beautiful Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo gardens, taking a day trip to Nerano for Lo Scoglio’s courgette pasta, and treating yourself to delizie al limone at the charming Pasticceria Pansa in Amalfi.