10 Amazing Healthy Cafes in Sydney

by admin

Sydney is known for its wide range of health food options, with numerous wholefood stores and nourishing cafes offering healthy choices. Here are 10 of the best cafes in Sydney that focus on serving nutritious and delicious food.

Bread & Circus


Bread & Circus is a popular spot for brunch in Sydney. Their menu is filled with healthy and hearty dishes, making it difficult to choose just one. Some favorites include the biodynamic eggs with avocado and truffle oil on sourdough, and the creamy porridge with caramelized banana and coconut. The cafe aims to source their produce locally and organically.

Orchard Street Elixir


Orchard Street Elixir is a must-visit for those interested in a natural and holistic lifestyle. The cafe has a unique copper interior and offers organic juices, raw treats, and an elixir bar where you can create your own hot herbal remedies. You can choose a vegan milk, superfood powder, and flavor to personalize your cup of magic.

The Clean Treats Factory


The Clean Treats Factory is a new addition to the Sydney health food scene. Their plant-based menu is full of colorful and healthy dishes, such as turmeric pancakes, green Buddha bowls, and pink pitaya bowls.

Bondi Wholefoods


Bondi Wholefoods is a cafe and health food store located in Bondi. Their menu features an antioxidant-packed acai bowl that receives rave reviews, as well as a green hummus bowl with avocado and eggs. It’s a favorite among locals looking for a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Concrete Jungle Café


Concrete Jungle Café gained popularity with their blue majik smoothie bowl made with blue green algae, pineapple, and blueberries. The menu is filled with superfood dishes like cacao and raspberry chia pudding and kale and sweet potato nourish bowl.

Egg of the Universe


Egg of the Universe is not just a yoga studio in Rozelle, but it also has a wholefood café and a secret shaded courtyard. Their dishes incorporate fermented ingredients like lacto-fermented kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha, appealing to gut-health enthusiasts.

Sadhana Kitchen


Sadhana Kitchen is an all-vegan eatery in Bondi that offers delicious plant-based meals. It’s a great place to take your meat-loving friends to show them how tasty vegan food can be.

Andrew Boy Charlton Poolside Café

Andrew Boy Charlton Poolside Cafe, Sydney

Located near the beautiful Grounds of Alexandria, Andrew Boy Charlton Poolside Café is the perfect place to refuel after swimming laps in the outdoor pool. They offer a range of dishes such as perfectly poached eggs, roasted mushrooms, crunchy sourdough, and superfood smoothie bowls.

Bare Naked Bowls

Bare Naked Bowls, Sydney

When you’re craving an acai bowl, Bare Naked Bowls is the place to go. They are known for serving the best acai bowls in the city, and their menu offers a variety of options to suit different tastes. For an extra treat, you can add extra peanut butter to your smoothie bowl.


COOH, Sydney

COOH is an organic café located near the Grounds of Alexandria. Their extensive breakfast menu includes dishes like ancient grain porridge, Mexican eggs, and vegan bircher muesli. They also offer unique drinks like peanut butter lattes and vegan blueberry lattes.