16 Delicious Desserts to Try in Paris

by admin

Choosing which desserts to indulge in while in Paris can be a challenging task. With pastry shops on every corner, you are surrounded by an abundance of mouthwatering pastries. To make things easier, here is a list of 16 desserts that you absolutely must try when you find yourself in this sugar-filled city.

Caramel Tart from Sadaharu Aoki

Often described as a glorified Twix bar, this dessert is not for the faint-hearted. If you enjoy sweet, rich treats oozing with caramel, then this tart is a must-try.

Ispahan from Pierre Hermé

Invented by Pierre Hermé, the Ispahan is a delightful combination of rose, raspberry, and lychee flavors. While you can find different versions of this dessert all over the city, the best one can be found in Pierre Hermé’s pastry shop.

Vanilla Croissant from Café Pouchkine

Considered the best croissant in Paris, this buttery pastry is glazed to perfection and filled with Madagascan vanilla cream.

Napoléon from Café Pouchkine

Featuring whipped cream and pastry, the Napoléon is a classic dessert executed to perfection. The chantilly cream is flavored with Bourbon vanilla, and the pastry shell is caramelized with subtle hints of orange.

Passion Fruit & Raspberry Éclairs from Éclair de Génie

L’éclair de génie offers a modern twist on the traditional éclair. Christophe Adams, the pastry chef, reinvents this pastry with exciting flavor combinations such as vanilla and pecan nut or the delicious passion fruit and raspberry.

Choux Pastries from Popelini

These adorable and flavorful cream puffs are a delightful alternative to the over-exposed macaron. Try both Odette and Popelini to decide which one you prefer.

Pastèis de Nata from Comme à Lisbonne

Rarely found outside of Portugal, Pastèis de Nata are traditional Portuguese tartlets that are incredibly addictive, especially when dusted generously with cinnamon.

Ice Cream from Berthillon

When it comes to ice cream in Paris, Berthillon is unmatched. Offering a wide range of flavors, the quality and taste of their ice cream is simply superb. Visit one of their stands on Ile St Louis to indulge in this frozen delight.

Chocolates from Jacques Genin

Paris is home to many chocolatiers, but Jacques Genin stands out with his exquisite blend of classic and innovative flavors. His chocolates feature fillings such as praline, chestnut honey, grapefruit, and basil.

Mont Blanc from Angelina

Unique to France, Mont Blanc is a pastry that showcases chestnut paste. The combination of creamy chantilly and chestnut cream, carefully iced, has made this dessert famous worldwide.

Vanilla Waffle from Meert

Originating from Lille, Meert is known for its paper-thin vanilla waffles. Step into their sweet shop and experience a traditional French setting filled with glass jars of marshmallows, ribbon-wrapped boxes of chocolates, and their famous vanilla waffles.

Caramels from Sébastien Gaudard

Salted caramel, known as caramel au beurre salé in France, is a heavenly creation. The combination of sweet caramel and rock salt crystals is simply divine. For some of the best caramels, visit Sébastien Gaudard, where they are beautifully packaged in their signature pastel blue wrapping.

Macarons from Café Pouchkine

Macarons have become an iconic pastry in France, and Café Pouchkine is a top contender for the best macarons in Paris. Indulge in their luxurious caramel flavor or try the succulent fruit berry macaron.

Hot Chocolate from Jean Paul Hévin

Renowned for his mastery of chocolate, Jean Paul Hévin offers an exquisite variety of hot chocolate flavors, including spicy ginger and raspberry. This pastry shop is a paradise for chocolate lovers.

Angel Cake from Pâtisserie Ciel

These delightful little cakes are incredibly light and serve as a refreshing treat after indulging in the rich pastries of Paris.

Ispahan Croissant from Pierre Hermé

The Ispahan croissant is a must-try alongside the already mentioned Ispahan pastry. This flaky delight is filled with a paste made from rose, raspberry, and lychee, and topped with candied rose petals. Once you try it, you’ll never look at a regular croissant the same way again.